T3 Series thermostats

Designed for a variety of scenarios, including social housing, new constructions and mass installations, the T3 Series thermostat is the first choice for heating professionals.

The T3 Series simple to install and with Intuitive heating time and temperature control, it’s ideal for your customers too.

Single zone connected thermostat

The Single zone (Y87RF) connected room thermostat is easy to install and easy to use. With mobile device app-based programming and control, it’s the perfect replacement room thermostat.

evohome smart multi-zone system

A smart, connected heating system offering control of up to 12 heating zones and hot water, helping customers manage their comfort level and heating costs in a way that suits them.

T6 Series Smart connected thermostats

Thoughtfully designed for a variety of applications, the T6 Series of connected programmable thermostats is simple to set up and comes with a range of features to fit your customers’ lifestyle, including hot water management.

T4 Series programmable thermostat

Designed for domestic and light commercial properties, the T4 Series of wired and wireless programmable thermostats simplifies temperature scheduling through built-in automation.