Honeywell Home product training

Learn all there is to know about our range of Honeywell Home products, including installation, setup and configuration.

This course offers you the chance to get some hands-on experience with our evohome products whilst being guided through the key aspects and real-life applications of the evohome system. Any questions, please email

Introduction to evohome


1 hr





Prerequisites – None

Cost – Free

What does this course cover?

  • The basics of evohome system set up such as, single zone, multi zone and hot water control

evohome essentials modules


2 hr

Duration (per module)




Prerequisites - Mandatory attendance on the Introduction to evohome coure is required.

IMPORTANT You must attend both modules 1 and 2 to receive the £100 cashback

Cost – £200

(£300 upfront and £100 cashback on completion of both modules)

1 hour icon

Includes kit:

  • evohome Wi˜Fi connected controller (ATP921R3100 x 1)
  • Single zone thermostat (T87RF2033 x 1)
  • Radiator controllers with display (HR92 x2)
  • Workbook
  • Product brochures

What do these modules cover?

  • evohome components
  • evohome applications
  • evohome binding(practical)
  • Planning for an evohome Installation(practical)
  • Assessing multiple floor plans and reviewing these (practical)
  • Common issues
  • TCC app evohome updates
  • Questions

*To receive the £100 cashback, you must attend all 3 courses and stay for the duration. Once your attendance has been confirmed, you will receive the £100 cashback after module 3 has finished. This can take up to 3 working days.